All praise, gratitude and respect, we raise to God for His love, the Gospel entered in Papua more specifically in the district of Yahukimo, Ninia place in the last fifty years. True, it is the power of God, then fifty years ago the Gospel broke through in the valley Yali, sacrificial. The real power of the Gospel, which is changing the stone age into a new civilization. The Gospel is the power of God, but at that time many of the children of God who live in the valleys and mountains of refuse. The rejection, evidenced by marthirnya Pill Master and Dale Stanley. Safety is a price to be paid for the value of salvation - eternal life in Christ - is very expensive. Why ? Because salvation in Jesus Christ is the guarantee that for sure, those who have become His children

Thank God, Jesus either. His love proven, all the people in the district of Yahukimo, has now been heard and believe and accept Jesus. My prayer as Chairman of the organization of the Evangelical Church in Indonesia ( GIDI ) is that at the time of Jesus' second time, everyone Yahukimo enter in the kingdom of God. Yahukimo big family, you 've purchased and the price paid is settled Himself on the cross. Think of it, and appreciate the Gospel with concrete actions in daily life. She Christ asks us to pay the price of our lives but not our life testimony through the witness of our lives so that people who do not know Christ around Yahukimo believe and receive Christ. It 's expensive ! However, that's the price. My next prayer is, that the Church in the District Yahukimo, both public and church congregation ebkerja in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial doing the Lord's prayer found in John 17 : 21, " That they all may be one, even as You, Father, are in Me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us : that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. " Kritus strength in unity, have a major impact on the whole human dalampembangunan kabupeten Yhukimo. This impact, either into or out of Yahukimo district Yahukimo district. Impact is what I mean here is, the fulfillment of God's promises holistically for His people ( the fulfillment of and compliance with the blessings of both body and spirit for Yahukimo district ). Therefore, the difference

Yubelium 50 years 14

opinion or disagreement, both in church government nor bad in can be completed in love. Remember the Gospel, remember peace ! Remember the Gospel, remember the work of Christ on the cross, He was whipped, he spat on, stoned la, la, mocked, slandered la, la given a crown of thorns, the nails in His hands, His feet nailed him on the cross. Pain is.... let's, pondered a minute.,,. Sake of all mankind in this world, more specifically the people of God in kabupten Yahukimo.
Yubelium mean age is not young anymore, so mature. My last prayer, open a new chapter in all aspects of the life of God's people in Yahukimo district. Synod of the Evangelical Church in Indonesia ( GIDI ) is proud and grateful to the Lord Jesus over His great work for His people. We would also like to thank the children of God here and more specifically the leadership of the district government in which the attention and cooperation are very close and make a lot of changes. Prayer and my hope is that God's people become agents in Yahukimo District Synod GIDI transpormasi along well in Papua, Indonesia and the world. Come and cadres church supports Yahukimo rise mama / GIDI the bore with a very simple state / naked. What is your reply ? Open a new chapter, a new commitment in carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ that makes mankind to become His disciples from Papua, Indonesia to the ends of the earth in Israel who are His chosen people. I know, Yahukimo already huge investments in Evangelism, then carry on your investment in the kingdom of God, finally, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will bless abundantly in this Yahukimo him.
Happy birthday and welcome berjubelium.

Chairman of the Synod